Baby: The Wonder Weeks (App & Book)

Searching through the thousands of apps aimed at new mums you’ll find everything from poo colour charts to post partum workout guides. I’m sure I’ve tried at least half of them! But out of all of them there’s probably only one or two that I’ve actually found useful. I’d heard “wonder weeks” and baby “leaps” mentioned a few times throughout my latest pregnancy, though I never looked into it. In the first few weeks after Sofià was born I was constantly downloading new apps, trying to get as much helpful information as possible. I got a lot of information, most of it not necessarily helpful though. At first I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at with the wonder weeks, leaps, charts… Once I got a grip on how everything works it made soooo much sense! 
We all know about growth spurts, but this app focuses on developmental leaps. This is a sudden change in the mental development of a baby that announces progress. 

You start by entering your babies due date ( it is so important to use the due date, not the birth date) a chart will then be created to show you when your baby should be experiencing these “leaps”. This chart will show you the dates your most likely to experience “stormy periods”. This is a period that your baby will probably be a lot fussier, needier and generally unsettled. You are also able to see what skills your baby should be mastering after this leap, and how to help them through it. 

The most helpful thing about this app for me is an answer to “Why is she crying?” , “She’s so unsettled, what does she want?”. It’s also a great guide for understanding where my baby should be developmentally. 

The app is $2.99 in the iTunes App Store and it’s been worth every cent! 💋

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One thought on “Baby: The Wonder Weeks (App & Book)

  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    This app was sort of a life saver for me. Lol. I was able to pinpoint exactly when he was going to be fussy and cranky and very clingy. Sure enough, right on cue. Lol. He still going through his leap right now. I hope it’s over soon I’m so tired lol


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