Estée Lauder Double Wear

Give it up for the holy grail of full coverage foundation! 
For years I’ve had friends recommending this foundation to me but I wasn’t interested. “Why would I spend $54- on that when I could go get MAC Pro Longwear for roughly the same price?” (*Facepalm*). It wasn’t until I started really looking in to what so many of the beauty bloggers/ makeup artists were swearing by that I started paying attention. 

A few years ago husband buys some new Xbox games so I decide to treat myself and buy myself Estée Lauder Double wear. 

Instantly hooked. 

Firstly; the coverage.. AHmazing!

I have a red undertone in my skin and rosacea on my cheeks that drives me insane. I find it so hard to cover with other foundations unless I really build it. Using a stippling brush I got instant coverage over my problem areas. Dark circles be gone! 

MATTE. This sets so quickly and smoothly. No shine at all. I tend to shine on the nose as my skin gets a bit oily when it can’t breathe so a great matte finish is really important to me. 

Staying power. No other foundation has ever stayed in place on my face like Double wear. It’s stays 100% allll day until you remove it. Perspiration/ water/ rubbing has zero affect. 

Whilst I love this product, this is my full coverage foundation. I usually only use it when I’m doing a full face. It’s a bit heavy to wear just to head out on the school run. I don’t do a full face everyday as I don’t have time anymore (3 kids will do that) and I really like to let my skin breathe if I’m just hanging out at home. 

You can buy Estée Lauder Double Wear at David Jones for $54- 💋


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